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Super Micro Electro-Discharge Processing

1/1000mm, micro ordered parts processing by super micro electro-discharge machine
The latest development of super micro electro-discharge machine can make the super micro processing parts possible to produce.
The parts manufacturing field now transfers into the world which makes possible to produce by fusing the electrical, chemical and machine engineering technology in addition to the conventional one.
  * Realization of min. hole diameter 5um
The development of precise control of the discharge energy and super fine tool electrodes can achieve in producing features or entire parts at breathtakingly tiny dimensions, from holes as small as 5µm(0.0002") to micro slits and profiled shapes as well as processing the surface roughness of 0.1um Rmax.
Micro Holes Processing
Material:Stainless Steel(SUS304)
Dimension:Hole Diameter:5µm
Hole Pitch:15µm
  Micro Hole Machining
Material:Stainless Steel(SUS304)
Dimension:Hole Diameter: 30µm
  Slit Machining
Material:Stainless Steel(SUS304)
Micro Gear Mold
Material:Stainless Steel(SUS304)
Dimension:Diameter of pitch: 300µm
  * We can machine silicon and platinum materials.
We can also machine high resistance materials such as silicon.
Silicon factor(parallel spring)

  Taper Pin

Super Micro Processing Technology
Super Micro Electro-Discharge Processing
Fine Sheet Metal Processing
Assembly•3D measurement

  * Machining to 3D shaped parts
We can proceed hole machining whose aspect ratio is 5 times and the complicated vertical processing by computer control which can control 0.1μm positioning.
Special mold machining
Mold machining
Hole machining
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