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UDD:Ultra-Dispersed Diamonds

Everybody shows interest in the nano level technical development called nano technology in the chemical and biotechnology.
The production of nano materials and their application technology have been developing in the materials field.

One of them is the prospective carbon nano material.
Ultra-Dispersed Diamonds(UDD) are generated by an oxygen lack exposure method as for dynamite, chemically washed and refined impurities.
Applying UDD to the present technology, the performance of UDD+metal plating, UDD+rubber, super fine abrasive ground, lubrication oil and bio-chip, fuel cell and solar battery is greatly improved.
  * Features
•excellent dispersion
•chemically stabilized
•strong adsorbent
  * Products of UDD
The UDD cluster removed from non-diamond carbon and other impurities is decorated in the surface by the functional group.
As a result, the surface of UDD is non-active characteristic to the hydrophile, hydrophobe and other materials.
UDD powder   UDD abrasive slurry   UDD water suspension
  * Examples
[complex plating]
decrease of lating space
improvement of plating
decrease of plating
improvement of wear
improvement of corrosion
production improvement
TEM of Au-UDD plating
SEM of Ni-UDD plating
[Polishing material] [Polymer additive]
possibility of fine polishing by each angstrom
little defect on surface, crystal move and surface
use of chemically active additive is possible due
  to the fact that UDD is chemically stable.
UDD suspension, paste and powder are not
thickness of the layer excluded from the surface
  is a little.
increase of flaking off resistance
improvement of elasticity modulus
increase of tensile strength
increase of thermal conductivity
improvement of heatproof
decrease of swelling factor
[Antifriction material]    
decrease of frictional properties
improvement of wear resistance
decrease of contact temperature
Improvement technology of material characteristic
The chemical conversion coatings of non-chrome
Ultradispersed nanodiamonds
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