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  Introduction of R&D
R&D center
Our R&D center was established with the theme for creating the new technology by the development and application of the advanced seeds, and for contributing to the industry and environmental preservation.
The main job is to establish the technology for new materials, materials improvement and micro processing. It is the goal to contribute to regional industries and the society by presenting and sharing its achievement.
Tungsten coating

This is the tungsten coating method to the surface of metal by the joint development with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. The transformation of the parent metal is extremely small and flaking off of the film coating is not generated.
It is stably possible to coat to the thin materials and fine film can be arbitrarily formed. We also coat the cobalt and titanium coating by MS coating.

Tungsten complex plating

This is our originally developed technology. This complex plating is excellent in wear resistance and extends the life of tooling and parts.

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