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Super micro processing technology Improvement technology of material characteristic Introduction of R&D Company information
We supply the high precision and quality technology to meet the requirement for the new product development.
We specialize in the sheet metal and drawing processing, especially the proto-type and the special order in the field of the super fine field.
We correspond to the customers' requirement from the materials selection to the study of mass production as well as commercializing their trial designing products.

Nowadays, it is starting the new world technology by combining machine electronics, chemical and machine engineering technology.
We promptly pay attention to the possibility of such fields and have our own original R&D center. We study the various new technology on the characteristic improvement of materials and environmental issues which are our aim to contribute to the society.
We always continue to supply the new solutions in view of future needs as a technology pursue corporation based upon the fine sheet metal processing and materials improvement study as a pioneer in the field. Art Beam is "a creative and challenging group."
Art Beam Processing Technology
Super micro EDM processing
Micron and micro parts processing by the super micro EDM
Improvement technology of material characteristic
»The chemical conversion coatings of non-chrome(PAT.P)
»ultradispersed nanodiamonds
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