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Company Introduction
Art Beam as a best partner
Art Beam can perform the processing for proto-type products(from the materials selection to the study of mass production)based upon the customers' trial design. The quick delivery is our first priority for the high added value products with our know-how.
The customers can concentrate on their designing and beat their competitors by effectively utilizing staff and time.

Company Introduction

Outline of company

Company Name
1-6-6 Nakano-sanou, Hachioji city, Tokyo, Japan
Sales outlines
Designing of development products
•Micro electro-discharge machining
•Laser profile processing
•Laser welding processing
•Plastic master manufacturing
•Vacuum tool processing
•Fine sheet metal processing
Founding of
a business
December 21, 1987
April 28, 1989
Mr. Takashi Arai
No. of employee
Average age
Main dealing products
OA products, Communication devices, Medical equipment, Chemical devices, Biological products, Electrical parts and products, Optical devices and others
Mizuho Bank, Risona Bank, Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank, Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Yachiyo Bank, Gunma Bank, Yamanashi-Chuo Bank, Tomin Bank, Bank(each Hachioji branch), Tama-Chuo Trust Bank(Nakano-sanou branch)
Art Beam group
Art Beam Co. …Fine sheet metal proto-type processing
Art Beam Co., Ltd. …New materials development, Materials reforming, Nano- platinum, Nano-diamond
Art Beam laboratory …R&D for above companies

Company history

December 28, 1987
Founding as Art Beam(individual)
April 28, 1989
Establishment of Art Beam Co.
December 26, 1994
Technical tie-up for micro-discharge processing with Production Technical Research Institute of Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd.
January 28, 1995
Technical tie-up for micro electro-discharge processing with Professor Masuzawa of University of Tokyo
Feburuary 20, 1995
Introduction of “Matsushita” micro electro-discharge processing machine
September 1, 1999
Completion of head office new factory
September 25, 1999
Introduction of "Mitsubishi" 3D laser welding machine
August 6, 2001
Establishment of Art Beam Co., Ltd.
Start of sales of nano-diamond
May 30, 2003
Completion of R&D center at the head office
May 27, 2005
Art Beam Co. Capital increase to J.¥20,000,000
September 29, 2005
Art Beam Co. Acquisition at ISO9001 certification
June 26, 2007

Art Beam Co. Acquisition at ISO14001 certification

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